Two SE Ohio Men Plead Guilty To Workers’ Compensation Fraud

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A Logan man and a Coshocton man pleaded guilty to workers' compensation fraud as a result of investigations by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation's (BWC) special investigations department (SID).

Bryan Primmer, of Logan, pleaded guilty Jan. 24 to one misdemeanor count of workers' compensation fraud for working while receiving benefits.
BWC confirmed that he was working as a school bus driver for Logan Schools while receiving temporary total disability compensation.
He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and suspended for a two-year period of community control.
He was also ordered to pay restitution, investigative costs, and court costs.
Jason Klein of Coshocton pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of workers' compensation fraud.
BWC confirmed Klein knowingly owned and operated his own business, KBI Services, while he received temporary total and living maintenance compensation.
A Franklin County Municipal Court judge ordered him to pay restitution and court costs.
He also received a 10-day suspended jail sentence.
Twelve workers in total were convicted in January as a result of BWC investigations.