Meigs County Man Facing Felonious Assault Charges After Alleged Car Chase

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A man from Meigs County is facing charges after the Sheriff’s Office says he chased a man down in his car, rammed him and tried to run him off the road.

The incident started with a domestic violence complaint against 31-year-old Budd J. Smith. The complaint arose after an incident in Pomeroy.

The victim, Jody Hawk, later called the Sheriff’s Office and told them she was on her way to Smith’s house in Chester because Smith had allegedly stolen her medication. Another man, Gary Reitmire was taking her there.

Upon arrival at Smith’s residence, Smith got into a vehicle and began chasing Reitmire down the road.

The chase began on Darst Road and ended on Sumner Road.

The Sheriff says Smith was ramming Reitmire’s vehicle and trying to run him off the road.

Reitmire had a five-year-old boy in the vehicle with him.

When deputies arrived on scene, Smith was trying to climb through the passenger side window of Reitmire’s vehicle.

Smith was arrested and charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

More charges are pending.