Hocking County Forest Infected

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The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is currently exploring options for how to deal with a newly discovered infestation of the Hemlock killing pest Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) in the Hocking Hills region.

According the ODNR a joint ODNR, and ODR forest Health survey program discovered the relatively small infestation near the Cantwell cliffs region. None of the trees around the immediate surrounding area appear to be infected.

ODNR Division of Forestry chief Robert Boyles feels that the the infestation is treatable.

"Since the HWA was found early and was affecting a relatively small area, there are more options available to limit its damage and spread," Boyles said.

ODNR stated that currently there are many different chemical and non-chemical treatment options on the table, including foliar sprays, horticulture oils, insecticidal soaps, systematic insecticides, and biological control. State and federal authorities will further survey the area to determine what will be the appropriate treatment.

ODA said that they will now quarantine all of Hocking County, and because of Ohio regulations no Hemlock materials will be allowed to leave Hocking County and enter non-infested counties. The ODA is also asking for caution when transporting wood materials to avoid further infestation.