Pride Week

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     It's pride week here at Ohio University.
     Add to that Ohio Senator Rob Portman's recent support for same-sex marriage and the plight of the gay and lesbian community is gaining traction.
     W-O-U-B's Morgan Lentes tells us how local Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender…or L-G-B-T…students feel about how open our area is to their push for equality.

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[CG :-Standard 2-Line Lower Third\Rallying Together for Rights\Athens, OH]
     "I came out Freshman year."
     "I identify as pan-sexual, which most people don't even know what that means."
     Meet Jacob St. Aubin and Marika Bresler…two members of the L-G-B-T community in Athens.
[CG :-Standard 2-Line Lower Third\Marika Bresler\OU Student]
     "I think that Athens is probably the most lgbt friendly city that I've ever spent any time in."
     They say Athens offers them a safe haven in an often-times unwelcoming enviornment.
[CG :-Standard 2-Line Lower Third\Jacob St. Aubin\OU Student]
     (Jacob St. Alban) "My dad is conservative and I didn't know how that was going to go down. My family's very conservative also. But they were very open"
     And Susan Burgess…who studies political impacts on L-G-B-Ts…says that's a growing sentiment.
[CG :-Standard 2-Line Lower Third\Susan Burgess\Women and Gender Studies Professor]
     (Susan Burgess) "We're at a time now when the public opinion is well over 50 percent for same sex marriage and people are moving on from this issue I think"
[CG :-Standard 2-Line Lower Third\Morgan Lentes\WOUB News]
     (MORGAN STAND UP) "Bresler and st. Albin say they're happy to growing local support for the lgbt community which is evident by the flag flying here at cutler hall. But they say they want to use that moment that's growing in the public sphere and take it to a courtroom–first here at the local level, then state and eventually national level."
     "I don't know that it's going to be so sudden of a change, I think it will be very gradual. But I think in our lifetime we will see national marriage equality."
     Still, they don't deny there's opposition.
     "You don't have to approve and your church doesn't have to let me get married in it but I don't see why I can't go to the courthouse because that's not a religious thing and that shouldn't affect you."
     But here's what they think.
     "We're people too. We love people just the same as anyone else."
     Reporting for W-O-U-B News, I'm Morgan Lentes.

     If you're interested in learning more about the push for marriage equality in the area, there'll be rally at the courthouse in Athens on Monday afternoon.
     Supporters of same-sex marriage will be there from 4 to 7.