Campus Project Demonstrates How Recycling ‘Adds Up’

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Ohio University Campus Recycling has created a visual representation of how recyclable materials can add up over the course of just four weeks.

The group is in the process of creating a giant sculpture at the former Howard Hall site comprised of four weeks' worth of recycled #1 and #2 plastics collected on campus. 

The project, entitled "It All Adds Up," will be a cylinder 16 feet high and 50 feet in diameter and will remain in place until Friday, when the 31,400 cubic feet of plastic bottles will be recycled through the Athens Hocking Recycling Center.

The structure is also made partially of wood from waste pallets and plywood, which will be donated to a local charity when the sculpture is dismantled. 

Andrew Ladd, Ohio University's Recycling and Refuse Manager, said that the project was created for RecycleMania, a national university recycling competition. 

Ladd said that RecycleMania was originally a competition between Ohio University and the University of Miami and has expanded over the past 12 years to include more than 600 universities in the United States and Canada. 

He credited Ohio University Campus Recycling student employees Cayle Adams, Sarah Maj and Jimmy Webster as the original creators of the project.