OU Lancaster Students Work Toward Ending Use Of “R” Word

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Students from Ohio University Lancaster have spent the last semester working towards ending the use of the word “retard” when referring to those with mental disabilities.

The semester long campaign spearheaded by students in Shianne Swinehart’s Communication Studies 1010 class was called “Spread the Word to End the Word.”

“Using language that incorporates everyone makes for a more cohesive culture,” Swinehart said.

Students also created wristbands, t-shirts and a Facebook page as part of the campaign.

The campaign culminated with the “Be a Part of Art Take a Step in the Right Direction.” Participants were asked place a shoe print on a canvas and pledge to end the “R” word.

“They walked on the canvas to show that they were initiating taking a step in the right direction,” Swinehart said.

Proceeds from the event were donated to Blue Shoe Arts which is an art studio that works with artist with developmental disabilities.