Mother’s Day Beautified By An Edible Fruit Bouquet

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Each year when the holidays make their annual appearances you can hear my mother say, “now, I don’t need anything, please, don’t get me anything…I have enough!” It seems that in each household throughout my family we are attempting to reduce the amount of clutter we’ve amassed and downsize in one way or another.

Now that I have a home of my own, my ideal celebration is bringing friends and relatives together for a display of tasty treats rather than hand over a wrapped present. However, when a gift is necessary I do place considerable thought in to the purchase. Will the gift just take up space, will it be functional, is it appropriate, and, will it evoke a smile.

The commercials for the edible fruit bouquets never cease to draw me in, eyes wide with delight and snap…Pavlov’s Dog. I have never received an edible fruit bouquet in spite of my quick outbursts of “MMMMM, that looks so good!” So, it is time to skewer and take matters to my own melon baller.

Thanks to andicakes.com they have deciphered each step so we can orchestrate an EDIBLE FRUIT BOUQUET to our personal delight or as a thoughtful gift. I’m fairly certain that my mother wouldn’t decide to hoard fresh fruit because “we might use it later”!


·      3 lbs. of fresh strawberries

·      1 large fresh pineapple

·      1 large cantaloupe

·      1 large honeydew melon

·      2 lbs. of green grapes

·      2 lbs. of red grapes

Materials Needed:

·      Flat ended, wooden skewers

·      1 floral foam sphere

·      1 waterproof container


Prepare all the fruit; wash and thoroughly dry all the strawberries and set aside.

Next cut off the outer shell of the pineapple including the top and bottom; this will leave the core intact. Now slice the peeled pineapple into ¼ inch slices. Using a flower cookie cutter, cut each slice into the shape of a flower and set aside.

Cut the cantaloupe in half. Use a spoon to remove the seeds. Using a small melon baller, scoop as many melon balls out of each cantaloupe half and set aside.

Slice the honey dew melon in half and remove the seeds just like the cantaloupe. Now slice each half into 1 inch thick wedges. Remove the rind from each wedge and set aside.

Wash and pat dry both the green and red grapes separately and set aside.

Place a floral foam sphere into a container such as a metal bucket so it fits firmly. A low profile container works best since the lower center of gravity will aid against the top weight of the fruit.

Prepare about 2 of each of the following skewers and evenly space them by inserting the skewers in the foam floral sphere.

All green grapes

All red grapes

Alternating red and green grapes

All strawberries or any grape stems with strawberry tops

Prepare about 5 of each of the following skewers and evenly space them by inserting the skewers in the foam floral sphere.

Grape stems with green honey dew melon wedges

Grape stems with a pineapple flower and cantaloupe melon ball in the center.

Finally, wrap in cellophane and refrigerate. Will store up to 24 hours.


Credit to andicakes.com