Shots Fired Outside Belmont County Courthouse

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UPDATE 4:53 p.m. Authorities say they shot the tires of a car to stop a man trying to escape from an eastern Ohio courthouse. No serious injuries were reported.

A Belmont County sheriff's detective says the man and the car's driver were arrested Thursday. Their names weren't immediately available.

Detective Sgt. Ryan Allar says the man fled to a car outside a Belmont County courthouse after a judge had ordered the man arrested.

Allar says he and other deputies chased the man and Allar tried to get him out of the car. He says he was struggling with the man and the female driver when another deputy shot the tires as the driver tried to speed away.

Allar says the man jumped from the car but was quickly apprehended.

There are reports of shots fired outside an eastern Ohio county courthouse. A clerk says a sheriff's deputy shot out the tire of a man trying to flee arrest.

No other details were available immediately. The Belmont County sheriff's office says it has no information to release yet.

Court clerk Donna Cottage says there were no shots fired inside the courthouse Thursday morning. She says a suspect ran out of a courtroom and was trying to escape. She says he was taken into custody.

There was no immediate word on whether he or anyone else was wounded in the community near the West Virginia border.