Man Indicted On 24 Felony Charges In Shooting Incident

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An Alexander Twp. man has been indicted on 24 felony charges which carry a maximum total prison sentence of nearly 200 years.

Franklin Green, 34, was indicted by an Athens County grand jury Monday on 11 felony counts of attempted murder, 11 felony counts of felonious assault, one felony count of having weapons while under disability and a misdemeanor charge of assaulting a police dog.

Green is accused of firing weapons at emergency service personnel from his home on April 29. A team of law enforcement personnel, as well as a paramedic, approached his home to serve a warrant, believing he was illegally in possession of weapons. Upon their arrival, Green allegedly unloaded numerous rounds at nearly a dozen people.

“There were 11 different individuals whose lives were in danger based on Mr. Green’s actions, nine of them were certified police officers. Another was a reserve deputy and another was a paramedic,” said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn on Tuesday.

Blackburn explained that Green has been indicted on first-degree felonies of attempted murder and felonious assault as it pertains to the alleged attacks on each of the nine certified police officers. A first-degree felony of attempted murder and second-degree felony of felonious assault each were issued for the alleged attacks on the reserve officer and paramedic. The sheriff’s office dog Esko was on the scene as well, which resulted in the misdemeanor charge of assaulting a police dog.

The charge of having weapons under disability stems from the allegation that Green possessed firearms while already under indictment. Green was previously indicted on charges of felonious assault, domestic violence and aggravated vehicular assault. Being under that indictment is what disqualified Green from having weapons and led to officers approaching his home that day.

According to Blackburn, Green fired between 15-20 shots at the officials. He had previously stated that Green fired more than 30.

If convicted of each charge and of gun specifications that allege he used firearms in commission of the crimes, Green could face at least 72 years in prison and a maximum of 193 years and three months, Blackburn said.

“There’s a message here,” Blackburn said. “Don’t shoot at police officers.”

Green is scheduled to be arraigned on May 22. He is already being held on $1 million bond after a hearing on the prior felonious assault charge and after his recent arrest. Blackburn said the prosecution will likely ask for the same bond to be continued.

During a recent hearing, defense attorney Doug Francis indicated that he may ask for a plea of innocent by reason of insanity and ask that Green be mentally evaluated. Blackburn, however, contends that there is no mental defect associated with the case, although he acknowledges Green had previously been treated at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare.

“Based on the evidence presented to me, it appears as though this is someone who was defending their Second Amendment right … a misinterpretation of that right,” Blackburn said.

“Amendments have limitations and you can’t have weapons while under indictment,” Blackburn added.