A Dip That Won’t Hinder Your Pool-side Appeal

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I attended a friend’s baby shower a couple of weeks ago which was held at the home of her parents. As I was walking up the hillside steps to the front of their home an aroma wafted in the Sunday afternoon breeze enticing me to hurry along.  I was slightly anxious about the shower because of not knowing anyone except for the guest of honor, but, with food that smelled that good…what did it matter!

I was greeted at the door by my friend’s sister and with a smile she invited me to join the others. The kitchen, dining room and living room were open to each other and all three areas were filled with family and friends. In the kitchen, the island was decorated with colorful balloons, a vibrant tablecloth and napkins and plates and utensils, and, punch. Two family members were frying up a storm and were busy about it as my friend mentioned that her mother’s background was Mexican. She said she was making one of her favorite dishes, and, I already knew that it would soon be one of mine.

A couple of games were played to hold everyone’s attention, but, the crackling at the stove and the heavenly scent created quite a distraction for me. As much as I tried to be engaging and play pin the mustache on the baby I WANTED TO BE IN THAT KITCHEN! I even offered to help, but, was kindly told everything was almost ready. Granted, I was ready for lunch, but, was I the only guest that was so curious about what we were going to eat? I was beginning to think so. FINALLY, it was announced to come and eat! My chair was right next to the kitchen’s island and I jumped up, ready. Wait, wait, what just happened? Someone crowded! That just proved I wasn’t the only one excited to partake in the feast.

From what I could see the first dish was a dip and contained colorful vegetables with a white base and Club Crackers were offered with it. The dip disappeared quickly, but, I managed to get a couple of small scoops. Everything was fabulous and towards the end of the party I asked who made the dip. I introduced myself to her and mentioned that I contribute to a food blog on the WOUB website and would she be willing to share the ingredients. She seemed tickled and informed me that the dip was called Skinny Pool Side Dip and could be found on Pinterest. Variations of your choice can certainly be added or deleted in this dip, such as: other peppers, black beans and tomatoes.

The Skinny Pool Side Dip Ingredients:

1, red pepper

2, jalapeno peppers – unseeded

1 can of corn – drained

1 can of black olives – drained

12 ounces of cream cheese (fat free, reduced or full)

1 package of powdered Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing mix

Mix all together. Serve w/ crackers, chips, etc.


Recipe can be located online at pinterest.com

Special thank you to Jennifer Boggs for making this scrumptious dip for the baby shower and for sharing the recipe.