Athens 911 Director Resigns

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Athens County’s 911 director Scott Warner has resigned effective Tuesday.

He submitted his formal letter Tuesday afternoon after Athens County Commissioners accepted his resignation in the morning.

Warner could not be reached for comment.

No explanation was provided in his letter, however, Commissioner Lenny Eliason said Warner's resignation was partly due to the disciplinary settlement of Jeffrey Morris, a part-time dispatcher. Commissioners voted to dismiss Morris for omitting a conviction on his application.

After the meeting, Morris requested to be allowed to resign, according to Eliason. The commissioners plan to rescind their dismissal and accept his resignation next week.

For the interim, the agency’s day-to-day operations will be handled by Commissioner Charlie Adkins, who has 32 years of experience working in fire service. Adkins also served on the committee to hire the previous director, Doug Bentley. Adkins will help the agency until it finds a temporary replacement, who will fill in for at least six months or until the agency finds a permanent replacement.

Adkins said the agency is currently in the process of hiring three to four dispatchers, which he thinks will continue smoothly without interruption.

“As a new commissioner, I want to see this center go in a new direction,” Adkins said. “I’m excited to enter into this new process and to have new leadership that will get us where we need to be.”

Adkins said he hopes the new direction will improve communications with the people the center serves.

In August of 2011, Doug Bentley stepped down as 911's chief of operations. Warner was appointed to the position on an interim basis. That September, Warner was hired as the new head of Athens County 911 at a yearly salary of $45,760. Warner worked with 911 for around eight years.