Trimble Local Schools Hires Assistant Principal

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Trimble Local Schools approved the hiring of a new assistant principal who will oversee the middle school and district-wide initiatives.

Danita Glenn, 42, has for the past year served as Trimble’s 7th and 8th grade math teacher and as science curriculum coach for PreK through 8th-grade teachers.

In her role as assistant principal, Glenn will directly oversee both 7th and 8th-grade students. She will also manage the implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System and the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Glenn will report to both Roger Nott, the new elementary school principal, and Matthew

Curtis, principal at the high school, explained Supt. Kim Jones at the special board meeting on Tuesday.

“She was the best candidate,” said Jones. “Our only reluctance, as committee, was taking her out of the classroom. Our science scores jumped 20 or more percentage points this year.”

Last school year, Glenn also resurrected the middle school science fair. Close to 300 students, families and community members attended.

“It’s been one fantastically busy year,” Glenn said with a laugh.

Glenn said she was hesitant to take on the new role because of her success in her first year with the school.

“But then I thought maybe I could expand my sphere of influence and make some other things fantastic,” she said.

After eight years of teaching in Hawaii, the Minnesota native moved her family to the area, where her mother was raised.

The combined position of overseeing both students and initiatives is new for the district. The board approved its creation in May.

In January, Supt. Kim Jones brought on a temporary middle school principal after Debbie Koons, who had been serving as principal for both the elementary and the middle schools, went on personal leave.