Circleville Brawl Death Caused By Aneurysm

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A coroner has determined a 21-year-old Ohio woman who collapsed during a neighborhood brawl died not because of head trauma but because an aneurysm ruptured and caused bleeding in her brain.

Circleville Police Chief Wayne Gray tells The Columbus Dispatch there was speculation that Brittany Jeffers was punched or kicked in the head during the March scuffle, but there was no scientific evidence of that. Gray says it appears the existing aneurysm ruptured when Jeffers got involved in the fight and her blood pressure increased.

It was ruled a homicide, but no one was charged in the death. Several people in the fight were convicted of rioting-related charges.

Jeffers' mother, Emily Harvey, says she doesn't believe authorities' account of what happened and feels someone should have been held responsible.