Parent Of Autistic Student And Athens City Schools Reach Agreement Over Service Dog

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The Athens City School Board and the mother of an autistic girl have reached an agreement over the issue of a service dog in the classroom.

Charla Gretz's 6-year-old daugther Shyanna will have to transfer from Morrison Elementary to the Beacon school this year.

The school board asked for Shyanna to be transferred because her teacher suffers from dog allergies.

Gretz did not know about the teacher's allergies until the first day of school, even after informing the school board over the summer about the dog. 

Charla says her number one concern has always been her daugther and her schooling needs.

"I would like to sit down and work with them for her schooling needs next year depending on where they want her to go and what grade she will actually be in next year" says Charla.

The dog is trained to help Shyanna avoid behavioral problems at school by giving her "kisses" at a teacher's command.

"I am very happy with the results" Charla said.