Athens City Schools’ 2013-14 Report Card Released

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Athens City Schools report card for the 2013-14 school year indicates mixed results.

Today, the Ohio Board of Education released their annual grade cards for school districts all over the state.

Overall, the district struggled to meet performance requirements compared to last year. This year, Athens City School only met 66.7% of state education standards, earning a "D" grade in the process. This is a steep drop compared to last year, when the district met 79.2% of the state standards.

The district saw drops in "Progress" scores for all students and gifted students, which is based on value-added scores. 

Athens City Schools scored an 81% under the "Performance Index" rating that scores how well students performed on standardized tests. This score gave the district a "B" grade, and marks a slight improvement from last year.

Another area of improvement for the district was their 4-year graduation rate, improving from 88.8% to 91.2% and improving to a "B" grade.

The district stayed consistent under "Gap Closing," scoring an "F" and matching their performance in that catagory from last year.

The state evaluates school districts based on nine letter grades, next year their will be an overall letter grade given to school districts.