Mother Of Baby Injured In Meth Spill Goes To Prison

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The mother of a 21-month-old who was seriously injured in what was believed to be a meth lab spill was sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday.

Angela Jordan, 24, of Logan, pleaded guilty to one count of endangering children, a third-degree felony, on Aug. 5.

The child was 15-months-old when she suffered second- and third-degree chemical burns on her back, mouth and diaper area on April 3.

Investigators believe the child picked up something used in the one-pot method of making methamphetamine and it spilled on her while she was at Jordan’s residence at Hayden Place Apartments.

When Hocking County Common Pleas Judge John Wallace asked Jordan in court if that’s what happened, she replied that to her knowledge, she allowed someone into her home and she left the meth-making materials there.

Jordan’s attorney, Sonya Marshall, said her client has accepted responsibility for what she had done.

“Miss Jordan understands the severe nature of her offense. She understands the danger she put her child in,” Marshall said.

Jordan was emotional as she apologized to the court for the danger she created for her child.

Wallace said that as a parent, Jordan should not associate with known drug addicts and dangerous people, including Adam Taulbee.

Taubee, 26, is the child’s father and is currently in prison for a charge of failure to appear and domestic violence. He also is charged with endangering children in relation to the case. His case is still pending.

Wallace said Jordan could be up for judicial release after six months and will then go to a drug treatment program in Dayton. He said being released in six months is a possibility, but not a certainty.

“You are responsible for your actions in prison,” Wallace said, adding that it means not getting fights, a problem Jordan has allegedly had inside Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.

Jordan appeared in court with two blacks eyes and swollen cheeks and a nose.

“A girl was making sexual comments at me in the shower and I told her I wasn’t a lesbian,” Jordan said, adding that the woman then hit her and smashed her face against the wall.

She said the woman was given an assault charge and taken into solitary confinement.

Wallace said he hopes nothing similar happens again.

“Hopefully you keep your nose clean in prison, will go to the drug program and some day in the future be reunited with your child. Most people in the drug program in Dayton are successful,” he said, adding that most stay near Dayton and do not return to the area and the people who put them in dangerous situations in the first place.

Jordan will be given credit for the 85 days she has already served in jail. The time will not be applied to the minimum six months. Wallace said that time will not start until she arrives at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville.