Commissioners OK plan for funding sheriff’s advocate position

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Funds have been found to retain the domestic violence victims advocate at the Athens County Sheriff’s Office for the remainder of this year while word is awaited on whether grants funds will be available for next year.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the county commissioners agreed to a proposal from the sheriff’s office to use unspent matching money from prior advocate grants to pay for the advocate position for the rest of 2013. As The Sunday Messenger reported, an advocate grant that would have taken effect Oct. 1 was denied by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, which cited as the reason prior audit findings against other unrelated spending at the sheriff’s office.


Sheriff’s office fiscal officer Dawn Deputy told the commissioners she hopes a pending grant application will be approved for next year. She said word should be received by Nov. 15.

Deputy told The Messenger that just over $40,000 in federal funding is being sought through the state Office of Criminal Justice Services.

Although the commissioners agreed to use the leftover matching money for the remainder of 2013, they can’t actually approve it until the Athens County Budget Commission officially certifies the money for spending.

According to the sheriff’s office website, advocate Stacey Crook works with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.