Ohio State Eeks By Ohio 2-1

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The Ohio field hockey team fell to Ohio State 2-1 as they traveled to Columbus to the play Buckeyes at the Varsity Fieldhouse.

The first goal of the game was not scored until the 18th minute as Annie VonderBrink crashed the defense to put Ohio State ahead with her first goal of the season.

Just two minutes later, Jessica Jue and Lauryl Desch put Ohio on the scoreboard. With the help of Desch, Jue completed her fifth goal of the season off of a penalty corner to tie up the game at 1-1.  

Ohio State goalkeeper Sarah Lemieux ensured her team a win, making Jue’s goal the only time the ball got past her.  She went the rest of the game allowing no goals with three saves.

In the 22nd minute, Mona Frommhold capitalized off of another penalty corner by scoring Ohio State’s second and final goal of the game, making it 2-1. Assisting her were Nina Laudahn and Brooke Hiltz.

Supported by Ohio’s strong defense, goalkeeper Brittany Walker recorded five saves the rest of the game.

After a lackluster second half, head coach Neil Macmillan was frustrated at his team’s inability to put away goals.

“For the last twenty or so minutes we had a good amount of time down at their end,” he said, “but that’s the difference where if you put in a couple of opportunities there you win a game like that and those are the disappointing things that really stand out to me right now.”

The Bobcats only capitalized on one out of seven penalty corners given to them in the course of the game.

The Bobcats’ next matchup will take place on Friday, Oct. 11. The ‘Cats will travel to Missouri State to take on the Bears at 12 p.m. at the Plaster Sports Complex.