Artist’s Studio: Adrian Blake

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In our feature "Artist’s Studio," we’ll be highlighting individuals who are active in the artistic community. This month, we’re featuring painter Adrian Blake, a native of Jamaica who now resides in Nelsonville.

What kid of art do you create?

I create "art from the heart." I do traditional art, focusing on more on the representational side, which is typically theme-driven and which is relatable to everyday experiences. My creations open a window to my thoughts and aim to give an audience a better understanding of me as a person and as an artist.

How did you get interested in this medium?

Art as a medium of expression for me was discovered at a very early age as a child. Ever since I could hold a pencil and delineate objects I saw, whether from comics or simply from my surroundings, I would challenge myself to recreate and represent them on paper. Currently, I focus on using oil paint to create my art; however I have extensive experience in pencil work and mixed media.

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

My inspiration comes from everyday life and more often from the need to express specific feelings which I experience at particular times in my life. If I feel lonely one day, I visualize the best way to represent that feeling, oftentimes through relatable depictions that are identifiable and that can speak for me and make you see what I want you to see.

Have you had experience making art in Athens County?

Most of my clients are locals who reside in Athens and surrounding areas such as Nelsonville who requested commissions done for their personal collections.

How can people find out more about your art?

My website and blog can be viewed at or to get a more personal understanding of my works and me as an artist, I can be contacted at