Annual OUPD Report On Campus Crime Released

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According to an annual Ohio University Police report, robberies and aggravated assaults rose slightly in 2012 over the previous calendar year among students while the number of burglaries and forcible sexual offenses showed a slight dip.

The Ohio University 2013 Clery Act Compliance Report was included in materials for the upcoming OU Board of Trustees meeting that will be held on the Athens campus Thursday and Friday.

According to the report, there were 42 burglaries investigated by OUPD in 2012. Of those burglaries, 28 took place on campus (16 in dorms) and 14 were off campus. This is up from 29 burglaries in 2011 and 34 burglaries in 2010.

OUPD reported three aggravated assaults in 2012, which matches 2010 figures. There was only one reported aggravated assault investigated by OUPD in 2011.

The number of robberies investigated by OUPD has remained low as there were two in 2012 and one reported in both 2011 and 2010.

Forcible sex offenses in 2012 also mirrored 2010 figures. In 2012, there were 14 forcible sex offenses, including 11 forcible rapes and three incidents of forcible fondling. Of the 14 forcible sex offenses in 2012, nine happened on campus (seven of which were in the dorms) and four were off-campus and one was on public property.

In 2011, there were four forcible rapes, two sexual assaults with an object and five forcible fondlings. Of those offenses, eight took place on campus, one off campus and two on public property.

For 2010, there were 15 forcible sex offenses reported to OUPD including nine forcible rapes and six forcible fondlings. Twelve of those incidents were on campus (10 in the dorms), one off campus and two on public property.

Figures for 2012 also showed two illegal weapon possessions on campus, 258 liquor law arrests and 157 drug arrests. Most of those violations also took place on campus. In 2011, there were 232 liquor law arrests and 238 in 2010. In drug arrests, there were 145 in 2011 and 153 in 2010.

While the number of liquor law arrests has hovered in the 200s over the past three years, the number of liquor law violations that were referred for disciplinary action to the university were more than double that. In 2012, that number was 593 compared to 647 in 2011 and 527 in 2010.

The report shows that there were five arsons in 2012, six arsons in 2011 and four arsons in 2010.

According to a memo from OU Vice President for Finance and Personnel Stephen Golding included in the board materials, “Overall, across the three-year span, 2011 saw a slight dip in statistics, with increases in 2012 returning to the same levels as 2010. Some increase, such as burglary and rape, were mostly a result of offenses occurring in non-campus property such as fraternity houses.”