OUPD To Step Up Enforcement Of Campus Speed Limits

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The Ohio University Police Department will be stepping up enforcement of speed limits starting in August.

The department will be using a new radar unit as part of a multi-pronged approach to increase safety on campus roadways. Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers said his department has also recommended signage improvements, lighting upgrades and an electronic speed sign.

"We want to improve safety," Powers said. "If we can do that without writing tickets, that's great." Powers added that any fine money his department receives from tickets will be used to pay for further safety enhancements such as signage and lighting.

According to OUPD, the speed limit on campus roadways is 25 miles per hour and is clearly posted. Bicyclists are instructed to follow applicable traffic laws when riding in the road, or bicycles must be ridden entirely on sidewalks, where they have to yield to pedestrians.

A motorist pulled over for speeding could face a maximum fine of up to $150. Officers will begin focusing on areas with crosswalks and high pedestrian traffic, such as South Green Drive, Stewart Street, University Terrace, Richland Avenue and Shafer Street.

OUPD has also added radar enforcement warnings to all campus speed limit signs.