Search Warrant Issued In Prostitution Case

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Based on law enforcement's interview with a 16-year-old allegedly used in a prostitution case, a search warrant was issued for the DNA of the man accused of having sex with the girl.

The Athens County Sheriff's Office was issued a search warrant for Fred W. Kittle as well as his home of 13639 Rocky Point Road, for, among other things, a DNA sample to compare to a previously obtained sexual assault kit, according to court documents.

Kittle, who has been previously convicted of rape and is a registered sex offender, was initially charged with compelling prostitution and importuning for allegedly giving money to Aileen May, 27, of Glouster, in return for sex with the 16-year-old.

The affidavit attached to the search warrant, gave Det. John Deak's account of the facts of the case.

"During interview with 16-year-old victim she stated that Fred Kittle had sex with her in this residence," the affidavit stated. "The sexual activity was facilitated through a deal from an adult female, Aileen Mays, who arranged for Kittle to have sex with the 16-year-old victim in exchange for money and prescription narcotics."

The sexual assault kit was collected by O'Bleness Memorial Hospital, but has not yet been obtained, according to the documents.

The charges against Kittle were dismissed in Athens Municipal Court with prejudice, meaning they can be brought back up at another time. Kittle was not indicted when Mays was indicted on felony charges of compelling prostitution, trafficking in persons and compelling.

Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn told The Messenger at the time of Kittle's dismissal that the case would remain under investigation. He cited a Supreme Court decision that said a co-defendant's statements can not be used against a defendant unless they testify in court.

The search warrant also listed "items of sexual paraphernalia and the fruits and instrumentalities of the crimes of prostitution and promoting prostitution" as things that can be collected by deputies who execute the warrant.

Business records, books, ledgers, records and other documents that showed "individuals patronizing the premises" were also listed in the warrant.

The evidence named in the search warrant sets out to show Kittle committed the offenses of prostitution, promoting prostitution and complicity, according to the search warrant.

Mays was arraigned on her charges on Oct. 6 and bond was set at $50,000. She is scheduled to have a pre-trial hearing on Monday.