Ohio Gets Rematch With Miami In First Round Of MAC Tournament

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Riding the momentum of their latest 3-2 double overtime win against Kent State, the Bobcats will travel to Oxford, Ohio, this Friday, Nov. 8. Here, they will square off against the Miami RedHawks in a rematch of the “Battle of the Bricks” rivalry for the first round of the Mid-American Conference field hockey tournament.

Flash back over two weeks ago, and you’re at Pruitt Field with its new turf and experiencing the fanfare of a home opener. This game ended with a 1-0 score in Ohio’s favor, and rekindled any animosity between the two programs that may have died off in recent years.

“One it’s the MAC tournament, and two it’s Miami. That’s all you really need to tell them,” head coach Neil Macmillan said. “We’re ready for it because of that.”

Because the previous matchup against the RedHawks was so recent, the Bobcats’ coaching staff was able to conduct an in-depth analysis and used the information they found to place its team where the chance of success is greatest. 

“We’re ready for the things they could do,” Macmillan said. “If it means that they completely change their positions and move people around, I think that’s an advantage to us because that’s not how they want to play.”

As seniors reach their final chances of sporting the green and white, many of them recognize that in order to have a memorable last season, extreme measures must be taken.

“The all-or-nothing survival mentality, that truly shows the attitude out there,” Katherine Fenzel said. She went on to explain how she is willing to do “anything and everything” possible to ensure that a win is achieved.

“That comes from anything on the field to anything off the field. Just really motivating everybody, getting myself and my teammates fired up,” Fenzel explained.

MAC Offensive Player of the Week Jessica Jue has made herself a leader not only through her experience as a senior but also through her outstanding performances on the field.

“My biggest role is to make sure the girls are going into it just like it’s any other game,” Jue said. “It’s like our Kent State game, do or die really. Just going in prepared and knowing we can win the tournament.”

A win for the Bobcats means another game the next day, against the winner of a Kent State and Central Michigan contest that will take place at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 8.