Woman Claims She Was Drugged, Raped In Chauncey

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A Murray City woman is claiming she was drugged and the victim of rape while at a party in Chauncey. She reported that she had been at a party in Chauncey and was drugged and raped, according to a report by the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office.

A report was filed with the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 12 and the case has since been transferred to Athens County due to jurisdiction issues. The woman stated that the incident took place the night before the report. She told investigators that she had been picked up by a group of people for a party and that they went to a Glouster residence and then traveled to a Chauncey residence for a party.

Other people took drugs at the party, she says, but the woman, who acknowledged that she was a recovering heroin addict taking Suboxone, said she hadn’t taken drugs there.

The woman told investigators that an “older man” had been making sexual advances toward her during the night and she attempted to get away from him.

The report states that the woman was drinking a soda and left it on a table when she went to another room.

“While her friends were supposedly doing drugs in the bathroom, she was sitting listening to her friend tell a story, sat her pop down(,) turned her head and blacked out,” the report details.

The woman was found asleep in a neighbor’s yard by Murray City Police Chief Chris Bishop, who took her home.

She told investigators that when she got home, she noticed that her bra was in her purse, her underwear was on backward and she felt pain in her breasts.

A rape kit was completed through the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, according to the woman. She tested positive for Suboxone and said she also tested positive for benzodiazepine (the generic name for Xanax). She denied having taken any.

The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office added that since taking the report, investigators have repeatedly attempted to make contact with the woman, but have been unsuccessful.

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that an investigation was taking place, but would not comment on the case.