OU Police Offering Crime Prevention Tips Ahead Of Semester Break

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The Ohio University Police Department is urging the university community to take steps to prevent crime during the semester break.

OU Police say thieves use the break as an opportunity to find easy targets and members of the university community can take steps to help reduce the chance of becoming a victim of a crime.

OU Police say you should consider taking valuable items like jewelry and electronics with them when they leave for break.

You should make sure all ground accessible windows are closed and locked, all exterior doors are closed and locked, have a trusted person collect your mail or have the Post Office hold your mail for you, and consider using timers for light fixtures that don’t generate heat.

You should also be aware of your postings on social media; don’t update your status in a way that reveals you aren’t in town or if you are active on social media make sure your posts are only visible to trusted friends.

You and those living with you should all be aware of any security plan you have in place.  Remember the last person to leave is the most important person in making sure your residence is secure.