Erickson Says Hocking College’s Logan Campus Will Not Close

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Hocking College President Ron Erickson held the first monthly Coffee with the President session at the Logan Campus Tuesday in an effort to gather feedback from campus and community members.

Members of the community attended, along with Neil Hinton, dean of the Hocking College Energy Center & Engineering Technology Center, and Libby Villavicencio, executive director of the Hocking College Foundation.

“I am delighted to host the coffee meeting at the Logan Campus,” said Erickson, who is going on his fifth-year as president of Hocking College. “I am just as excited to serve as president today as I was when I was appointed.”

Erickson dispelled rumors that the Logan Campus might be closing and offered reassurance that the campus is here to stay. The programming area has doubled from 12,000 to 24,000 square feet since it first opened, and Erickson said the school will continue growing.

Villavicencio said the Hocking College Foundation, with assistance from a firm, was able to locate 28,000 alumni. Of those, 95 percent of alumni live on the border of West Virginia to Columbus, and many of them along the Route 33 corridor.

Dreams of a public compressed natural gas station also were discussed. The gas burns cleaner and leaves a smaller carbon footprint. The city street sweeper also runs on natural gas.

Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at the Logan Campus. Additional coffee events will be held in Athens and Perry counties. For a complete listing of events, visit