Couple Stuck On Blennerhassett Island

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Imagine being stuck on an island for six days.

And no, it wasn't a three-hour cruise.

It's reality right now for the assistant superintendent of Blennerhassett Island and his wife.

Miles Evenson and his wife Lindsey live on Blennerhassett Island, along with their pets.

Friday morning Miles tried leaving to go the Blennerhassett Museum, only to find his pontoon boat frozen by the icy Ohio River.

He's checked the river every day since then but he says it's still too icy to go anywhere.

Evenson says they have enough food and supplies, but they did get a special delivery.

Some of his co-workers on the mainland put supplies in garbage bags, tied them to a rope and lowered them over the Route 50 bridge.

The couple is staying positive through it all.

"We have heat in the cabin that we live in, we have TV and everything, so it's just like living on the mainland, except we just can't get off," Evenson says.

"We take our dogs for a walk, the normal stuff that we normally do.

We got a lot of housework that we needed to get done done so it's been good and bad, so we just take it as it is and don't get too worked up about it."

Evenson says he hopes it warms up enough Thursday to melt some of the ice so they can leave.

He says he never dreamed the river would freeze up like this.

Even some of the island's maintenance workers who have been around a long time have never seen anything like it.

This article was contributed by WTAP in Parkersburg