Frisbee golf on the rise

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Frisbee golfing has become a big hobby since spring is on its way and frisbee golfing, or frolfing, is an fun and affordable hobby.

"I like to go frisbee golfing because it gives me an opportunity to get outside, get my body moving and have fun with my friends all at the same time," Chris Benson, an avid frolfer, said.

Frisbee golf is a simple sport that follows the same basic rules of golf but a frisbee is used instead of a ball and clubs. There are different types of discs but usually only a driver and putter are essential. These discs can be picked up at just about any sporting goods store.

There are frisbee golf courses scattered throughout Southeastern Ohio and the surrounding area. There are courses in Athens, Nelsonville, Logan, Marietta and Parkersburg, just to name a few locations.

The game has a simple strategy and is easy to understand but the game is hard to master. As a beginner, it takes time to master the skills to dodge the trees and water on the course.

"I would say my least favorite part [of frisbee golf] is when my disc either goes into the bushes or into water," Tommy Salas, an average frolfer, said.

The game takes practice and there are plenty of courses in the area that will begin to become heavily populated as the weather warms up.