Study Shows Little Voter Fraud In Ohio

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The Ohio House is poised to take up some controversial election bills this week. Majority Republicans who support those plans say they will protect the integrity of the vote. But evidence shows there is little voter fraud in Ohio.

Back in 2012 during the presidential election, there were plenty of people voicing concern about voter fraud. So Ohio Secretary of State, Republican Jon Husted did a comprehensive study of voter irregularities in that election and he found there were questions with about two thousandths of one percent of the votes cast in that election.

"To put this into context though, that is 135 total referrals out of 5.6 million votes counted," Husted said.

Husted says there’s no reason for Ohioans to think voter fraud is a problem.

"To the vast majority of the voters who did it the right way in the state of Ohio, your vote will not be diluted by the people who cheated," Husted said. "And we are working smarter every day to uphold the integrity of our election system and your vote."

Husted says of the 135 cases identified in his report that were handed over for investigation, 13 of those were turned over to county prosecutors by Ohio’s Attorney General. But Republicans who are proposing these voting changes say one potential case of voter fraud is one too many.