Earned Income Tax Credit Changes Would Affect Thousands In Ohio

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President Obama released his budget proposal for fiscal year 2015 Tuesday. He’s calling for an expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, a program benefiting low-income Americans. As WYSO's Lewis Wallace reports for Ohio Public Radio, that credit already goes to nearly a million Ohioans.

Pop quiz! The Earned Income Tax Credit is…

  • Available to a parent of three making less than 46 thousand dollars a year
  • A credit passed by republicans in 1975
  • Potentially confusing
  • All of the above

You got it: D, all of the above! Did you catch all that?

Basically this is a big tax refund for working parents, or some individuals with an income around $14,000 or less.

The president’s budget would raise those income limits to include more single adults, and give back more money.

About 950,000 Ohioans got the Earned Income Tax Credit in 2012.

Earned income tax credits are widely viewed as fighting poverty and rewarding work, but the chances of bipartisan support are unclear.

House republicans recently put out a tax reform proposal that would eliminate the credit and replace it with a smaller payroll tax cut.