Trimble’s AD To Resign, Board Splits Position

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Trimble Local School District has decided to split its athletic director position into two parts next year, now that current AD Jason Ball has announced his intention to give up the supplemental role.

The plan for next year is to hire an athletic director who oversees programs and is on site at athletic events, and an assistant AD who schedules events, handles entry into the Ohio High School Athletic Association, and arranges sports officials, according to Supt. Kim Jones.

Jones said the successful AD candidate will receive $7,000 for the 2014-2015 school year via a supplemental contract, while the assistant AD will earn $4,000.

Ball has been an English teacher at Trimble High School for 12 years, serving as AD for seven of those.

He said that he will continue to teach at the high school, but has decided not to take on the athletic director role next year.

He said he advised the board to split the position because it was such an extreme time commitment on top of what is already a full time job.

Ball said he thought the district should make the job a “less daunting venture for those yet to come on board.”

High school principal Matt Curtis has estimated that the position requires 40 hours of work a week on its own, Jones said, since the person in that position is required to represent the school at every sporting event.

The job involves a lot of paperwork as well, and that is where the idea for an assistant comes in.

Ball said that he will continue to take a keen interest in high school sports.

“I am looking forward to having more time for myself, and to getting back into sports officiating,” Ball said.

Jones said that the board has begun its search for candidates to fill the two roles.