Perry County Dog Shelter To Change Accepting Dogs

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The Perry County dog warden informed county commissioners of changes in policy regarding the accepting of animals at the county dog shelter.

Dave Elekes said the shelter does not accept dogs that an owner simply wishes to abandon, citing the small housing capacity of the facility. "Our job is to police dogs, we can no longer accept owner turn-ins," Elekes said. The shelter had adopted the policy in January, a similar policy used by the Licking County dog warden since 2010.

The Perry County Animal Shelter no longer euthanizes dogs; instead it relies on humane groups to help place the dogs. "We have not used the gas chamber in three years," Elekes said. "We put down 12 dogs last year and just one this year so far and that was due to the health of the animal."

County Court sees increase in cases

Perry County Judge Dean Wilson informed the commissioners that since the opening of the New Lexington branch office of the Ohio Highway Patrol his court has had an increase in cases heard. Wilson said the court heard 1,228 cases written by O.H.P. officers in 2013 and through April 1 of this year the court heard an additional 470. Wilson told the commissioners the extra cases could possibly bring in nearly $160,000 in additional court cost revenue this year.

Wilson will also conduct an actual trial at New Lexington High School April 25 with all four county schools and Foxfire School in Zanesville expected to participate.

The judge annually holds a trial at the high school, allowing students to witness an actual proceeding, Wilson says this year the trial will be recorded by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Commissioners proclaimed the months of April and May to be Perry County Waste Reduction and Recycling Cleanup months, encouraging the community to take advantage of this one time per year event to "Help promote pride in the community and the county's appearance"