Intersection In Athens County Has History Of Accidents

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It's a problem area.

The intersection of Route 50 and Radford Road has been the location of multiple traffic incidents, and Tuesday's crash was life-threatening.

Boyd Bobo was driving northbound on Radford Road when he failed to yield at a stop sign. He pulled onto US 50 – Right into the path of William Hoover. Both drivers were seriously injured and life-flighted to Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

This particular intersection has a violent history.

Lieutenant George Harlow of the Ohio State Highway Patrol has been working with the Ohio Department of Transportation for years to try to prevent the crashes. In the early 2000s, the Ohio Department of Transportation added turn lanes to combat rear-end crashes.

"The problem has changed," Harlow said. "Instead of sure clear distance crashes, we're not experiencing failure-to-yield crashes and that's what the bulk of our problem is at that intersection."

There have been 25 crashes in the past five years, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation. Harlow says that is actually an improvement.

"It was up in the top tier of the problem intersections in the state, and that's no longer the case. Progress is being made."

Possible solutions include creating wider turn lanes or construction of an overpass if funding is available. In the meantime, Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant Aaron Hayes recommends careful and responsible driving.

"We would just like to remind the public that when they approach a stop sign, they do have the duty to stop. But they also need to look twice, especially on four lane highways."