Glouster Residents React To Police Chief’s Arrest

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Finding someone in Glouster who wanted to talk to us about police chief Lucas Mace's arrest was not easy.

We managed to track down two males who wouldn't give us their full information – or allow us to record them on video – but would answer a few questions.

From Zac (he didn't want his last name published):

“It’s strange. I just moved down here. I heard heroin is pretty bad you know I actually had a buddy he died on meth and heroin not too long ago. It was actually the day after his birthday so I mean if [Mace] is helping people like that it’s not really a good thing.”

“I’d like to see [Mace] held accountable if that’s what happened but you never know.”

“[Mace] needs to be held accountable if he did do that stuff then obviously I don’t think he should keep his job but I actually think its interesting that they’ve got him on paid administrative leave.* He’s out on bond. He’s still getting paid to be doing what he’s doing."

From an older man, who wished to stay anonymous:

“I don’t think it’s very cool of him to be doing that and be a chief of police as far as that goes. Either he’s for the law or he’s against it.”

“I’ve known him here for a while. He seemed like an all right guy until I heard this. I knew he was seeing somebody. I wasn’t exactly sure who.”

“It does worry me about the town itself and who’s running it and so forth.”

We asked him what others are saying in town:

“They’re kind of wondering if that’s who we need to run the town or be chief of police or whatever because obviously you can’t you shouldn’t break the law and try to be the law at the same time. No I don’t think it’s right. I think if its true that’s what he did then he needs to resign or whatever needs to be done but something should probably be done about it.”

*Editor's note: We do not know for sure if Mace is on paid administrative leave. Calls to the Athens County Sheriff's Office late Tuesday were not returned.