Bills Heading To Governor’s Desk Ahead Of Legislative Summer Break

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A look at some legislative activity Wednesday as state lawmakers looked to wrap up work this week before breaking for the summer:

Bills headed to the governor would:

– Require the state to notify businesses and taxpayers when they overpay their taxes; allow Ohio's tax commissioner to give automatic refunds or provide credit toward future taxes (SB 263).

– Target the demand for human trafficking by increasing penalties for those soliciting a minor or a person with a developmental disability, among other changes (HB 130).

– Require hospice programs working in patients' homes to create a policy to help prevent prescription drugs from being abused during or after care is completed; require the hospice patient or family to relinquish any painkillers that are no longer needed (HB 366).

– Allow public schools to let students be excused to attend certain religious instruction off school property during school hours; permit districts to grant high school credit for the religious instruction (HB 171).