Trimble Board Denies Union Grievance On Basketball Coach

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The Trimble Local Board of Education has denied a grievance filed by the Trimble Local Teachers Association with regard to Curt Moore not being renewed as the varsity boys basketball coach.

Following a hearing during last Tuesday's regular board of education meeting, the Board had five work days to file its response. The response was filed Tuesday according to Trimble Local Treasurer Cindy Rhonemus. 

"It is the position of the board that Article 9.05, section F has not been violated," reads the Board's response in denying the grievance. That section reads, "supplemental duties shall be offered first to qualified, certified staff members. If no qualified, certificated staff member applies after the position has been posted according to this contract, the position may be offered to someone outside the bargaining unit according to the Ohio Revised Code. At the time of supplemental postings all job related qualifications for each supplemental shall be posted."

The Board cited portions of the Ohio Revised Code which gives the Board the exclusive right to make the decision concerning original appointments. A supplemental contract is an original appointment each year as the contract is not renewed at the end of each school year. It also gives the Board the exclusive right to evaluate and hire employees, with the superintendent making the recommendation on employment.

The Board's response also addressed the issue of being qualified for the position. 

"In reference to the minimal qualifications listed on the job posting regarding successful coaching history; Successful coaching is defined in many ways, not all of which involve winning." The Board also referred to the coaching code of conduct for additional aspects of successful coaching. 

The response gave details of four aspects of the code of conduct which Moore had not meet. Those aspects were honesty, positive coaching and positive environment, respecting the parents and a past written warning given to Moore regarding respect of parents and positive coaching. 

Moore had served as the boys basketball coach since the 2009-10 school year.

The teachers association must now decide if the board's response is satisfactory, and if not, they may choose to pursue arbitration. 

The Trimble Local Teachers Association is seeking to have Curtis Moore hired as the varsity boys basketball coach, according to a grievance report filed on May 30 by TLTA President Christine Snoddy.

Moore was not rehired as the coach following the 2013-14 season, with the Trimble Local School Board instead opting to hire Howie Caldwell for the position.

The grievance form states that the Board has violated, misinterpreted and/or misapplied the entire collective bargaining agreement.

The grievance is alleged to have occurred when the board passed over Moore for the coaching position and instead hired Caldwell who is outside the bargaining unit. TLTA states in the grievance that Moore is a qualified and certified staff member for the position.

The original grievance was filed on May 30 with high school principal Matt Curtis who subsequently denied the grievance. It was then filed with Supt. Kim Jones who also denied the grievance. 

The next step outlined in the TLTA contract was to file the grievance with the district treasurer to be submitted to the board of education for a hearing. That hearing occurred on June 17, with a response due within five work days.

The teachers association now has 10 days to notify the superintendent that the association is proceeding to arbitration. According to the contract, the association’s request for arbitration shall be by certified mail with return receipt requested to superintendent.