Democratic Treasurer Candidate Proposes New Accountability Plan

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The Democratic nominee for state treasurer is proposing a plan that she believes will bring more accountability to the office.

Representative Connie Pillich of Cincinnati said an independent inspector general should be assigned to watch over the treasurer’s office in order to eliminate what she said is a culture of fraud and corruption.

Pillich faces off against Republican incumbent Josh Mandel in November. She says the treasurer’s office is the central hub for outgoing and incoming revenue for the state which explains the need for accountability.

“We don’t need anyone in this office who’s going to have some sort of political debt or obligation – perceived or real or in any other way – it needs to be an independent watchdog," Pillich said. "You know for over 10 years we’ve had problems in the state treasurer’s office it’s been in both parties.”

Pillich used former Deputy Treasurer Amer Ahmad as an example. Ahmad, who faces federal corruption charges, served under Democrat Kevin Boyce. According to Pillich, Ahmad oversaw the auditing system during his time in office.

In Pillich’s proposal the top leaders from both parties in the General Assembly would assign an inspector general.

Mandel’s spokesperson said the treasurer continues to take steps to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse while promoting transparency.

He added that the office receives an annual inspection by the state auditor’s office.