Commissioners Place ACDBB Levy On Ballot

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The Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities will have a 1.5 mill levy on the November ballot following approval by the Athens County Commissioners on Tuesday.

ACBDD Supt. Eric Young informed the board of the approval during Tuesday’s regular meeting.

The next step is for the commissioners to send a resolution to the Board of Elections to have the levy placed on the ballot. Then in November voters will decide if the levy will be put in place.

Board member Terry Conry asked about potential roadblocks that could keep the levy from appearing on the ballot in November.

Young stated that all of the procedural steps have been met, the only thing remaining is for the commissioners to send the resolution to the elections board.

Business manager Steve Kramer said the disabilities board is still waiting on a decision by the Athens County Budget Commission as to the rate of collection for the current levies. It is not known it that decision could also impact the collection on the new levy if approved by voters.

“That could be a potential roadblock,” said Kramer. “They could recommend not collecting the entire amount.”

The disabilities board currently has 6.45 mills combined as part of three levies. The county collects 6.20 mills of those levies. The amount had been reduced due to a large carry-over balance held by the disabilities board. That amount has since decreased.

The budget commission will meet at 2 p.m. on July 31 to address the matter according to Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson who serves on the budget commission.

The next step for the board is the formation of a levy committee. Young noted that in the past ATCO has been instrumental in working on the levy campaigns.