Two Companies Qualify For Logan Senior Center Project

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Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action has accepted bids for an upcoming Scenic Hills Senior Center project, presented at the Hocking County Commissioners’ meeting on Thursday. The commissioenrs will approve a bid next week.

Jessie Powers, representing HAPCAP, recommended that Hocking County open bidding for the project titled “City of Logan Senior Center.” The project estimate is $84,550, with a 10 percent overage allowed on bids. The maximum bid amount allowable was $93,005.

Marjorie Moore, executive director of the Scenic Hills Senior Center, and Nathan Shafer, representing ProLine Electric, Inc., were present for the bid opening.

Powers read the company names and amounts on each bid, announcing whether or not each one included a bid bond. A bid must include a bid bond to be considered.

Of the companies who submitted bids, only two qualified, both including a bid bond. The businesses include ProLine Electric, Inc., of Lancaster, for $79,360; and Claypool Electric, Inc., of Lancaster, for $82,225.

Hocking County Coroner

Another topic occupied conversation, as two Logan residents questioned and commented on issues surrounding the commissioners’ funding for Hocking County Coroner Dave Cummin.

Jim Kalklosch wondered if commissioners would continue to receive late-night calls from Cummin when another situation arises.

Commissioners noted that they had added $10,000 to that line item.

Hocking County Commissioner Sandy Ogle said that, as she understood things, commissioners placed money in the fund whenever they received a bill. “In my knowledge, this was the first time we [were] ever asked to do it in advance.”

Hocking County Commissioner John Walker said that normally commissioners try to keep money in the account, “but it had gotten down, and hadn’t been requested to put in there.” He noted that he thinks that the Ohio Revised Code requires the commissioners to fund the Lab and Morgue item.

“We always have,” Ogle said.

Walker said that when they review what was spent in the first six months of this year, the $10,000 addition “should be close to put it through the year.” He said that they will continue to review the fund in October or November. If the amount gets low, they will add to it.

“We don’t know what those amounts will be,” said commissioner Clark Sheets Jr. He reiterated that each autopsy costs $1,100.

Ogle mentioned the $150 charge for transporting a body.

Bill Kaeppner expressed understanding about Cummin’s request for money in the lab and morgue fund. “The fact that the last time he turned in a bill, it was turned down, I can see why he did it.”

However, Kaeppner also noted concerns on the amounts the county is spending. “As this goes forward, seeing how it all started from wanting to keep those two investigators, have we already spent, and will spend, a who lot more money than what was already asked for?”

Presenting himself as looking in from the outside of the situation, he noted that both the coroner and the commissioners are paying attorneys. “This looks like a death struggle that’s going to cost a lot of money,” he said.


In other news, commissioners will send out budget letters to all county departments. Departments must submit their budget sheets by Aug. 15.

The next commissioners’ meeting will be held in the Hocking County Courthouse on Tuesday, July 29, at 9 a.m.