Kroger Restricts Pseudoephedrine Sales In West Virginia

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Supermarket chain Kroger is tightening monthly purchase limits of cold medications that contain pseudoephedrine at its West Virginia stores.

The new limits at Kroger's 40 pharmacies in the state will be effective in the coming weeks and are more restrictive than those under West Virginia law.

Kroger spokesman Carol York says the company didn't halt such sales because customers have legitimate health needs.

Pseudoephedrine also is used to illegally manufacture methamphetamine.

CVS in July announced it will no longer sell medications that solely contain pseudoephedrine at its 50 West Virginia stores and at 40 stores in neighboring states that are within 15 miles of the West Virginia border.

Ride Aid, Fruth Pharmacy and Walgreens also have stopped selling single-ingredient pseudoephedrine cold products in West Virginia.