Alexander Local Schools Reinforces Bus Safety

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“This will be the most important thing you learn today. It could save your life.”

That is what Alexander Transportation Supervisor Dan Phillips told students at Alexander Elementary School on Friday morning.

Phillips, along with representatives from the transportation department and the State Highway Patrol, spoke with students about the proper way to board the bus, cross the road and proper conduct on the bus.

The instructional information is provided to the students early in each school year to help educate those who may be new to riding the bus or as a reminder to students returning from summer break.

Students were instructed to avoid the “danger zone” which is the area closest to the bus or even under the bus. Phillips told the students not to follow their dog, a ball or any other item which may go underneath the bus, but to let the bus driver know about it instead.

Phillips also explained that the students should find a “place of safety” at least 10 steps from the road where they go after safely getting off the bus.

Trooper McLaughlin told the students that they are to be on their best behavior on the bus, because it is not good to see a bus pulled over along the road due to rowdy behavior.