WOUB News Update: Read And Be Informed

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It's lunch time and the news is already booming. If you don't have time to look through the full story, here's a summary of today's news.

Hundreds are being sent to the ICU after being infected with a new virus.

Ten states, including Ohio, have now asked the Center for Diseas Control for help investigating this new virus. The infections could be a part of a regional outbreak. The CDC is still waiting on test results.

Judges getting guns

Southeastern Ohio judges have authorized themselves to carry weapons in and outside of the court without a permit. The four judges on the Ohio Fourth District Court of Appeals signed this order saying they need the weapons for protection.

740 starting a new area code.

The new code 220 is expected to start September 20th. Numbers starting with the 740 area code are expected to run out in April. Everyone in the thirty county region will then be expected to dial ten digit numbers to make local calls.

Buyer Beware. Laptop theft is on the rise in Athens, and these stolen products are being sold on classified ad websites. We'll have the full story online and on Newswatch at 5:30.

Grandparents watch out for scam calls.

Attorney General Mike Dewine tells grandparents to watch for calls from grandchildren asking them to wire money for an emergency situation. Twenty-two claims have been filed in the past year. If you receive a call asking for money, make sure you ask personal questions only the grandchild would know.

Bankruptcy judge worries West Virginia chemical company might abandon oil spill site.

The January spill left West Virginia with water advisories for months last year. Now Judge Ronald Pearson says Freedom Industries only plans on spending $850,000 or less to clean up the spill, but the judge thinks the company might abandon the site.

No more recess for Congress.

Leaders return to the hill after a summer break. Topics include immigration police and preventing another government shutdown.

Atlanta Hawks are being sold after owner sends racist email.

Bruce Levenson made the announcement yesterday about the email he sent two years ago. Levenson says the email included "cliché assumptions about whites versus blacks and about stereotyping their perceptions of one another." He voluntarily told the NBA about the email in July. Read the full text here.

William and Kate are expecting again.

The Duke and Duchess announced they are expecting another child. The newest member of the royal family will be fourth in line to the throne.

Flooding kills hundreds in India and Pakistan.

More than 250 people have died. Hundreds of villages are now submerged in the flood water. Military recently arrived to aid the displaced with help from the Red Cross.