Marching 110 Voted Best College Band in the Country

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The Ohio University Marching 110 was once again ranked number one in the country on CollegeSports-fans.com. The website released a list of the Best College Marching Bands in 2007, where Ohio University was first ranked number one.

The Marching 110 established in 1967 by Gene Thrailkill was the band director who turned them into the high-energy band they are today.  The 110 has grown in popularity performing at the 1993 Inauguration of President Bill Clinton and more. More recently they have earned popularity from social media. Their cover of LMFAO's hit "Th Party Rock Anthem" generated over 9 million views on YouTube. Also, their cover of Psy's "Gangnam Style" which generated over 8 million view.

They have toured the United States and other countries including performances in Dublin, Ireland and Rome, Italy in the Spring of 2013.

In 2012, following the death of band director Ronald P. Socciarell, over 600 alumni returned to the stadium in October and marched with the current band.

The Ohio State Univeristy Marching Band placed second on the CollegeSports-fans.com website. They are known as "the Best Damn Band in the Land" and are one of the most recognizable bands in the country.