Mizell Stewart Discusses Changes Facing Modern Newspapers

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Mizell Stewart III, vice president of the Newspaper Division of the E. W. Scripps Company, says newspapers are still the most utilized source for local news in the majority of communities.

He acknowledges that digital news is faster and often leads in breaking stories but that newspapers follow with more in-depth stories and context. He contends newspapers are still relevant news enterprises.

Stewart gave an update on the newspaper industry to WOUB’s Tom Hodson while Stewart visited the Scripps College of Communication.

He was in Athens as part of the 9th annual Scripps Day, a day when executives from the E. W. Scripps Company visit campus to exchange ideas with faculty and students.

Stewart also explains the changes facing the E. W. Scripps Co. as it merges with Journal Communications, Inc. Hear some of the merger’s details in this interview.