FitzGerald Brings Campaign To Athens

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Democratic candidate Ed FitzGerald thrilled the Athens County Democratic Party by speaking at their fall dinner Thursday night.

"I'm really excited that he would drive all the way across the state to be here in Athens." FitzGerald supporter Katie O'Neil says.

Among the supporters was Ohio Senator Lou Gentile. "I think we should be proud to be Democrats right now," Gentile says. "We're the party of the future and sometimes Republicans are the party of the past."

Gentile wasn't the only Democrat taking a defensive approach against Governor John Kasich.

"If you're a company who doesn't want to follow environmental laws, these have been good years for you. If you're somebody that likes to see women's rights restricted, these have been great years for you…If you're someone that makes a lot of money and wants to pay less income tax and don't care about public education, then these have been good years for you," FitzGerald says.

FitzGerald hit some of the key issues including education and tax rates.

"Giving some of the richest people in Ohio tax cuts while raising taxes on the poorest people in Ohio. This doesn't make any sense," he says.

In respect to the gubernatorial race, FitzGerald cited refusal to debate and economic advantage as unfair components to the Kasich campaign.

Recent numbers reveal that FitzGerald is continuing to fall behind in the race for Ohio's govenor. According to a recent Quinnipac University poll, Kasich has a 22-point lead over the Democratic candidate.

Despite less than promising numbers, FitzGerald's loyal supporters are not losing heart.

"I believe that Democrats know that Kasich has attacked voting rights, women's health, the environment, our schools, our unions, I believe he's insulted everybody," O'Neil says. "Hopefully we will all turn out and vote Kasich out of office and bring in Ed FitzGerald."