Officials Say They’ve Identified All Ohio Ebola Contacts

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State officials say there are now 164 people in Ohio being monitored for Ebola because they had contact or potential contact with the Texas nurse who visited the Akron area before being diagnosed with the virus.
Amber Vinson's family said Wednesday that doctors no longer detect Ebola in her body.
Officials have said the number will fluctuate daily, but the number of people quarantined in their homes stands at three. No one in Ohio has been diagnosed with Ebola.
One of those quarantined is Vinson's stepfather in his home in Tallmadge. Vinson contracted Ebola after caring for the only person to die in the U.S. of the disease at a Dallas hospital.
Seventeen of those being monitored in Ohio are having their temperature taken twice daily by public health officials and are being asked not to travel on commercial carriers.