Race For Wood County Clerk Ends Close

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The two candidates for Wood County Clerk will have to wait to see who can officially declare victory.

Currently Republican candidate Robert "Bob" Buchanan is leading Mark Rhodes by a slim 17 votes.

In the state of West Virginia, election results are not official until canvassing at the end of the month.

Canvassing occurs when the 55 County Commissioners in the state review and officially declare the winners of each race.

While the race for County Clerk may have to wait for results, the race for Wood County Clerk has unofficial results.

Republican Robert K. Tebay is winning with 12,480 votes against Incumbent Democrat Wayne Dunn's 8,661 votes.

Meanwhile the West Virginia Nonprofit Youth Organization Tax Exemption Support Amendment won in Wood County with more than 13 thousand people voting in support of the amendment and only 7 thousand voting against it.

The Amendment will allow for groups like the Boyscouts of America to rent out their meeting space for events.

Because the group is a non-profit, they are exempt from paying property taxes.

However, when they lease out their space they put their tax exempt status in jeopardy.

If the Amendment passes in the entire state, they will be allowed to rent their space to large events in the area.

Statewide the Amendment is passing with 62% of the vote.