Belmont County Unofficial Election Results

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The unofficial results for Belmont County are in.

In Belmont County, Republican U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson is the unofficial winner in his re-election bid over Democrat Jennifer Garrison with 50 percent of the vote to 46 percent.

Democrat Mark A. Thomas is the unofficial winner over Republican Pete Bendo for county commissioner 53 percent to 46 percent. Thomas is the incumbent after winning a runoff election to Chuck Probst in December 2013.

The Bridgeport Exempted Local Schools levy has unofficially passed with 61 percent voting for the levy and 38 percent voting against the levy. The levy would generate 6-mills over five years, and is a renewal of their previously levy.

The Union Local Schools income tax levy has unofficially passed with 60 voting for the levy and 40 percent voting against it. The income tax will take effect Union residents, as they will see an increase in their property tax by 0.50 percent over the next five years to make improvements and upgrades to the schools.have 

All provisional and oustanding ballots have been counted.