Rep. Phillips Likely To Retain Seat After Recount

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The official vote count Monday in Washington County has both Democrat incumbent Debbie Phillips and Republican challenger Yolan Dennis picking up additional votes in the race for the Ohio House seat in the 94th District.
Although Dennis picked up slightly more votes in her home county of Washington County than Phillips did, official counts still remain to be completed in the district’s other three counties. This includes Phillips’ home base of Athens County, where she captured 64 percent of the votes in the election-night tally and where about 500 votes will be added to the official count.
In the election-night count, Phillips came out ahead by a 194-vote margin, 14,315 to 14,121. This week, each of the four counties in the district will be doing their official counts, adding in provisional ballots and some absentee ballots that were not counted election night.
In Washington County, Dennis picked up 89 more votes than she had election night, and Phillips picked up 37 additional ballots. The official result in Washington County is 5,763 for Dennis and 2,893 for Phillips.
In Athens County, there were 482 provisional ballots cast that were not counted election night and about 40 absentee ballots that arrived after election night. It’s not yet know how many of those voters cast votes in the 94th District race, but if most of them did and if Phillips’ 64 percent showing holds true for these ballots, she stands to pick up a sizable chunk of votes.
The official count in Meigs County was completed Tuesday, with Vinton County scheduled to give the final count on Nov. 20 and Athens County to release an official count Nov. 21.
The 94th district covers the eastern portion of Vinton County.