Satellite Subscribers In Columbus Market Will Receive WOUB-TV

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Starting in January, subscribers of DISH Network and DIRECTV in the Columbus market will receive PBS affiliate WOUB-TV. The change comes from a reclassification in the DMA (designated market area) in which WOUB-TV will move from the Huntington/Charleston to the Columbus market.

The decision to move WOUB-TV to the Columbus market was made by Nielsen Media Research and will allow satellite viewers in northern Ohio to get the WOUB-TV signal, for which they had not previously had access.

The change in markets will take WOUB-TV out of a market that currently offers two other public media stations to a market that only offers one.

Director and General Manager Tom Hodson says he is excited for the change.

“It will give us an opportunity to serve a much larger market and allow viewers to see some programming that hasn’t been available to them before,” said Hodson. “It will greatly increase our viewing audience and give them a choice of some different public media content.”

Chief Operations Officer Mark Brewer believes it will be a benefit for many viewers, including the large Ohio University alumni population in central Ohio.

“Viewers will be able to get some additional regional news content with our student-produced news show Newswatch, and have access to our sports show Bobcat Sports Showcase, which covers OU varsity sports,” said Brewer.

He goes on to say he believes viewers will enjoy locally produced shows such as the Our Town series that most recently featured Lancaster, and will feature Pomeroy in the spring and other documentaries that are currently in production.

Hodson says this change will also open viewers to other available content from WOUB Public Media such as website offerings of Arts and Music content, the community calendar that showcases regional events and blogs such as Smithsonian’s Surprising Science and Innovations, Bev’s blog that focuses on career topics, All About Tastebuds that gives recipes and other food tips and The Journey-Embracing Inclusion that promotes dialogue on issues about disabilities and inclusion.

Viewers can find program content schedules at https://woub.org/watch/full-schedule